Saturday, 28 November 2015

The Wedding Vows - A Poem

Do you take her to be your lawfully wedded wife?
To always treat her like a queen,
To take tender loving care of her,
When she’s ill without expecting the same from her

To take full responsibility for her debts,
Not to protest when she wipes out your joint savings,
Or when she seductively or forcefully takes your savings,
Or salary for shopping sprees and expensive dinners

Never to seem better than your wife,
Intellectually or financially, to dutifully downplay,
Your own achievements and ambitions,
So she doesn’t feel insecure and threatened

Not to complain when you are the breadwinner,
And she becomes violent because of her bruised ego,
And to accept her moody nature,
And the responsibilities that come with living with a temperamental person

To give up your job and your dreams for the family,
And wear second hand clothes, while she flaunts in designer clothing,
Not to complain when there’s no food in the house, and
Not to ask where she comes from in the middle of the night

To faithfully and calmly resent to your fatherly duty,
And to be silent when she flirts with other men,
And quietly accept her infidelity,
Even if she becomes sexually demanding

Never to argue with your in-laws when they say,
You are not a good husband, father and a son-in-law,
Not to even think of calling for help when she beats you up,
Or threatens to chop off your privates

To resign to your fate when she asks for a divorce,
And leaves you with the kids for another man,
On grounds that you don’t perform in bed,
Or you are an alcoholic, a batterer and a womanizer

To accept her back when her other relationship fails,
When she comes back crying and begging for forgiveness,
And stay with her even if she is HIV infected,
And give her more children till death do you part?

Written by; Adeh The Blogger


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