Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Perks of Dating a Kenyan Lady

Dating a girl can be tricky and so hard in Kenya if you don’t have some skills up your sleeves. Kenyan ladies make the best wives if treated right, but if you make one wrong move, my friend, you are going to end up in a hooker’s bed or lonely.
So, here are some tips on how to survive in the dating world in Kenya. Hey, I’m not a professional in love and relationships but try out these tricks and see if it works with you.

Get a job
Ladies don’t like to date lazy guys who don’t want to get up on their ass and find a job. Kenyan ladies are very hard working and go getters. They don’t want to be the only ones hustling while you are at home flipping football channels and finishing her stock of food.
Have  some money
You might have a job but your ass is broke. You need to come up with a savings strategy because you don’t expect your girl to take care of all the bills and even send you some phone credit. You don’t want to go on a date and embarrass yourself by not paying the bill.
Show effort
As the saying goes “mwanaume ni effort”. Yes, the economy might be hard on you but remember that’s the case with everyone else too. So, if money is not coming your way, device some other ways of getting paid. Hii Nairobi, you got to be smart to survive.
Swag is for boys, Class is for men
You might be a nice looking dude but your dressing code doesn’t cooperate. When shopping for clothes, look for the ones that are well fitting; not some baggy clothes that will make you look like a guuka. And swag, you can’t be 31 and wearing the same clothes as 18 year olds. Even teenagers nowadays wear classy suits.
Be a hardcore
You can’t survive in Nairobi with a softy personality. You need to show your lady that you are tough and can never be hit down by the streets. Don’t let the girl be tougher than you, show her that you also know how to survive.
Be smart
Bila ujanjez hii Nairobi, you can’t make it. Know how to spot con-men and women in the streets because they are everywhere. Know how to undertake business deals and know how to kukaa rada in a mathree coz you can’t be losing stuff each and every day.
Don’t be stingy
There’s even a song for that. Give your girl what she asks for; you can’t be denying her stuff now and then. She might get tired and leave your stingy economic ass for some other dude who can provide for her. You don’t have to be rich to provide for your girl but show her that she matters.
Don’t sleep around
Ladies love bad boys, players, etc. but what they can’t stand is a lying ass nigga. They can be okay with you hanging out with your boys and they know that they’ll be hoes by your side but please go back home after the drinks. PS: They can get nasty if you sleep around, ask the real husbands of Nyeri.
Be real
Kenyan ladies hate liars. Don’t be walking around wearing expensive shit while you don’t have money in your pockets. Don’t say you live in a rich neighborhood when you are from the ghetto. Appreciate your status.
Be clean
Take a shower; keep your hair clean if you don’t want to shave. Wear clean clothes; don’t look as if you came straight from the gutter. Don’t have smelly feet and stinky socks. That shit is disgusting and Kenyan ladies cannot hide how they feel.
Be a grown up
Always act like a gentleman in front of your lady. Be tender and caring. Show that you are concerned about her. Open doors and pull chairs (I know, that sounds like scenes from a movie) but it’s easy if you make it a habit. It’s not rocket science. Don’t do teenage stuff like chatting every time on WhatsApp and taking stupid selfies.
Don’t over brag
Don’t say you did or you can do something when you clearly know it’s unattainable. Set your goals straight and always be a guy of fewer words and more actions.

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