Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Are all Muslims Terrorists??

Rupert Murdoch has come up with a foolproof method to ensure that the United States is safe from terrorism, or so to speak.

In the tweet above, Rupert is offering his two cents to President Obama on how to counter terrorism in America. But it's the most stupid quote I have seen so far on Twitter. 

So how does one decide who is a "proven Christian?"
Do you tear up a Koran in front of the refugees and the ones that don't cringe are allowed to come into the country?

Or perhaps it's like testing witches where you throw them into the water weighted down with rocks, and the ones that float we know are Muslims, and the others....well they're just dead.

Of course where Fox News goes, the Republicans are sure to follow. Which is partially why we are now seeing over two dozen Republican governors (And one Democratic one.) saying that they will refuse to accept any refugees from Syria.

Though I am sure that they, much like Murdoch, would immediately change their minds just so long as they could PROVE they were good little Christian refugees.

Somebody might need to remind Murdoch, and the Republicans, that in America the vast number of terrorist attacks are NOT attributed to Muslims, but rather to those who would most likely self identify as Christians.

Are All Terrorists Muslims? It’s Not Even Close 

In the United States, the percentage of terror attacks committed by Muslims is almost as minuscule as in Europe. 
An FBI study looking at terrorism committed on U.S. soil between 1980 and 2005 found that 94 percent of the terror attacks were committed by non-Muslims
In actuality, 42 percent of terror attacks were carried out by Latino-related groups, followed by 24 percent perpetrated by extreme left-wing actors.

And as a 2014 study by University of North Carolina found, since the 9/11 attacks, Muslim-linked terrorism has claimed the lives of 37 Americans. In that same time period, more than 190,000 Americans were murdered by who? (PDF).

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