Thursday, 2 October 2014


We can't get enough of Justin Bieber and his celebrity papparazi photographers. For how long will this go on? Paps should let this kid grow already.
So, supposedly the "All that matters'' musician was walking with his entourage to his hotel when they were welcomed with photographers He punched one photographer and grabbed another by his neck as his bodyguard tried to restrain him (sounds unreal, right?).

It is unclear who instigated the violence, No injuries were reported (of course, it's Bieber's punch) and no charges have been filed.

All of this went down on Tuesday as Justin was photographed getting into a scuffle with celebrity photographers in Paris after arriving at a hotel around 11 p.m. with members of his entourage. A photo released on Wednesday shows him surrounded by several paparazzi and appearing to try to punch one of them.

Another pic appears to show the singer's hand near another photographer's neck.

Well, there you have it Justin is fighting back, watch where you are going.

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