Thursday, 12 November 2015

10 Ways to get through Job Interviews

Every day, people are interviewed to fill positions in different organizations worldwide. Some people make it through while most people get crumbled down by the questions or lack of confidence to present themselves in a manner that will convince the interviewers to offer them the job. You might have found yourself in the same situation someday and now you are scared to handle your next interview. I will try and offer you with some tips to overcome your fear in front of the panel of interviewers.
Here are some easy tips to note;
1.     When asked questions, avoid ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answers – Expand on your strengths, let the interviewers know what you want. Show them that you need the job. After all, people want someone they can socialize with, nobody wants a boring co-worker.
2.     Avoid rambling responses – Never talk too much. Yes, it’s good to explain yourself but don’t give out too much information. You might exhaust all your answers before the interview is over.
3.     Make the interview conversational – Just relax. It’s an interview, not rocket science. Go with the flow and enjoy the conversation. Ask and answer questions.
4.     Show your interest and passion – If you need that job you have to present yourself in a manner that suggests so. If you are laid back and just waiting for them to throw questions at you, you will be surprised that no matter how good you answered, they did not call you.
5.     Take a moment to think before answering – Do not rush to answer questions and do not pause for long. If you didn’t understand the question, you can ask them to repeat the question again.
6.     Maintain your cool – Some questions can be personal and irritating. Don’t allow yourself to become annoyed or antagonized.
7.     Do not use slang – Even if you know the interviewer in person, try and sound articulate, knowledgeable and professional.
8.     Understand their needs and emphasize on your strengths – Tell them how your skills and qualifications can add value to their company.
9.     Always focus on the positive – Highlight your accomplishments. Tell them how you have been successful in the past and how you can bring that spirit to their company.
10.  End on a positive note – Even if you got offended in the middle of the interview, be enthusiastic until the end. Thank the interviewers telling them how you had a great time during the interview.
Next, we discuss the questions to expect during interviews and how to answer them correctly.

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