Monday, 24 August 2015

A Letter to a Gor Fan
Dear Gor Mahia fanatic,

Let us sing the National Anthem

Kogalo, Goooor …….. Gor Mahia… Kogalo, Goooor …….. Gor Mahia… Pinje duto ywakni, Gor… Mahia… Kogalo???? Gor, Gor Mahia… Nyiri duto ywak nu, Gorrr … Gor Mahia… Heii …. Heii Goor Biro, yawne yoo

Ber zenu,

It is with deep love for this country and fellow Gor Mahia fans {who are not violent] that I write this letter. I love Gor so much, Gor is my Arsenal. I sleep, talk, eat and breathe Gor. Ever since Gor was started back in ’68, there has never been violence like the ones we currently witness. We act as if we don’t understand football, goddamit! We are civilized people, intelligent and blessed with a great team and very talented players. But our recent actions cover all that beautiful face that the management is trying really hard to show to the other clubs and the world as a whole. We are no longer the role model club that people used to look at back in the days. We have become so hungry for success when we are successful but it seems we want more than the success we have, guys, we are the current holders of this title, we are among the top best club in Africa, our playing tactics and our cheering squads are the main reason why KPL is now KPL, We are the best of the best. Why on earth will we become different with just one defeat? Just one.

Our actions have shaded a different kind of light; actually I see it as darkness, to our club. The fields are no longer full of ‘green army’ uniforms, no zeal, no passion is seen on fans’ faces, no vuvuzelas, no Gor dala songs to cheer up the players, no unity amongst ourselves, nothing we are just flat, like flirt vodka, no matter how much you take, you don’t get drunk. We have become like those clubs back in shags that after every corner, yellow card, red card and penalty, there must be a fight. What I don’t understand is the fact that we got security at the gates of every field but still some of us manage to enter with stones in our backpacks, pockets and also hats. What is the role of security people at those gates if not to protect the fan? Because if a scandal ensues, it’s not only the rival club fans that get hurt, our fans too get hurt every time although we only see the videos of the fans who allegedly started the mishap. Some of us go there with our kids and others come with their sweet dhako, coz watching Gor play is magical, entertaining and it’s a beautiful scene to sit with other likeminded fans enjoying the game.

What I am trying to say is, can we come back to our senses, coz after August 23rd scandal, we are going to be banned…. Again {for the umpteenth time} from attending the Gor Mahia matches. I don’t know for how long but we have to wait the decision of FKF. If we get banned, I beg ooh, let’s go sit our sorry asses down and ask ourselves if really Gor deserves all these problems we are putting them through. Do we want our club to perform poorly throughout the season? Do we want our club to be in the relegation zone? Do we want our number one to be turned upside down? Do we want to lose our best players to our rival clubs? Do we want Gor to lose all those amazing sponsors that we currently boast of? Do we want to lose our spirit, enthusiasm and commitment to the club? Do we want to be taken off the KPL table? Do we? Do we? Do we? Let’s ask ourselves all these questions, coz it really matters to us and also to our amazing club.

I don’t want to get out of my house on Saturday or Sunday to go and watch Wazungus play all the time. It gets boring sometime, you know. But just sitting there watching Gor play even if I am not in the field, makes me proud of being a Gor fan, makes me be proud of being a Kenyan. Gor is the father of Kenyan football, Gor playing style is internationalé , we have supporters all over the world guys. We don’t have to lose all that for a mere defeat. Football as they say is a game of chances, you win some, and you lose some [and draw some]. Even if we lose to a small club, let’s not start mayhem, let’s be calm and pray that the next match we gonna do better than that. My fear is that a club that is forty seven [47] years old could lose its might and fame because of simple stupid defeats; and get banished forever because of hooliganism.

We know that hooliganism is mostly caused by people who wear Gor jerseys and claim to be fans, yet it’s just robbers disguising themselves to tarnish the name of the club. Even if the police arrest some of these guys, you will still see their counterparts in the following matches trying so hard to start a fight. They come to every match and it’s so hard to identify them coz you can’t differentiate between an angel and a devil wearing the same outfit. These are the people who may cause a honest fan to go behind bars while they walk freely doing what they do best, hooliganism. And since we don’t have a Fanometer, a machine that measures how loyal a fan is, it’s very hard to fish out these hooligans among us. The management should sit down and search their heads for a solution to hooliganism or else it’s going to cause some serious ripples, or storms, in the running and maintaining the once majestic Gor Mahia. We love Gor with all our hearts and someone somewhere must do something to keep the club at the top where it deserves to be. It starts with you and me though.

I pen off by saying, let’s pray for our club. It needs these prayers now and also in the future. Because our beautiful club is in a serious condition of crumbling anytime we let go, let’s go to our churches, mosques and temples and pray because I think we need deliverance and divine intervention at this crucial moment. May the good God above bless you, bless Kenya and bless Gor Mahia.

Green Army for Life.

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