Saturday, 7 February 2015

Bobby Brown NOT releasing daughter off Life Support Machine.

Bobby Brown is insisting that doctors at an Atlanta hospital keep his comatose daughter Bobbi Kristina on life support, believing that a miracle can save her, TMZ reports.
Bobbi Kristina, 21, has been in a medically induced coma since she was found submerged in a bathtub in her home Saturday — and doctors have reportedly told the family there's nothing more they can do to save her.
But Brown, 46, was refusing to say farewell to his stricken daughter and was praying for divine intervention, TMZ said.
However, family sources told the website he could change his mind, but simply wasn't able to handle making such a tragic decision on his birthday, which was on Thursday.
Meanwhile, Bobbi Kristina's cousin Jerod Brown said on social media things did not look optimistic. 
"Though it seems the odds are against her, though doctors don't see any hope for change ... though it looks impossible for her to stand again STILL PRAY FOR BK," Jerod Brown said on Instagram, where he posts as yfkennedy.
The painful ordeal involving his only daughter with late pop diva Whitney Houston unfolded against another bit of news for Brown; his wife, Alicia Etheridge, is four months pregnant.
The pair already has one son together, 5-year-old Cassius.
Bobby Brown with Alicia Etheridge

According to E!, Brown and some 20 family members took a brief break from the vigil they were holding at Emory University Hospital on Thursday night to celebrate his birthday and the pregnancy at a nearby restaurant.
A police officer met the grieving New Edition singer at the door of the unidentified eatery and escorted him and his guests to a table in a private room, which was shielded by a large curtain, E! said.

Social media reacted to the news;

Julia Cannon 
Mr. Kemp, I don't think they intended to make the article sound as though he couldn't be bothered because of his birthday. I think what they were trying to say, he didn't want to say good bye to his daughter on his birthday. Could you image having to pull the plug and say good bye to your child on a day you celebrate life! I hope and pray he can find it in himself to put her first and let her go, if there is nothing more that can be done, she's suffered enough. I will continue to pray for Bobby Kristina.

Kim Lavender
All things are possible with God! I pray for a divine healing. But Bobby, also know that sometimes divine healing comes in Heaven. My thoughts and prayers are with this family. May God give them the peace that passes all understanding!

Jennifer Colvin · Program Manager, Global Workplace Planning Strategy at Hewlett-Packard 
My family has had to take 3 people off life support.

My sister who had a brain aneurysm, subsequent cardiac arrest and was brain dead at 43. She passed right after they donated her kidneys and corneas.

My brother who was already on the heart transplant list when my sister died, but was taken off when he developed MS. He had directives to never be put on life support, but of course the hospital did when his heart finally gave out. He woke up and started trying to pull out the tubing. He died as soon as the medication that was keeping his heart beating was slowed down, age 49.

My aunt had a massive brain hemorrhage at age 75 after several mini strokes and was vegetative. Again she had the correct documentation for no life support, no resuscitation by her own choice (prepared years in advance). Again they put her on life support and it took getting a lawyer and 8 days to take her off and another 8 days of us keeping her company and comfortable as her body let go.

My last sister also died at 49 after choosing to go on hospice from COPD, end stage kidney failure, dialysis, constant pneumonia, etc. and my mom died from a heart attack while in the hospital because she also had a DNR and they for once respected it.

The point is, things happen. People should talk about this more. Find out what your loved ones want before you need to know. Get the papers filled out and notarized. You can get a brochure at any hospital, online, etc. You choose what you want for yourself, long before it ever comes up. Incidentally, even though my mom was 78, had diabetes and heart problems, they still did bone and tissue donation. My cousin was saved by a kidney and pancreas transplant, become an organ donor today!

I'm 50 now, I've outlived my entire family and you can bet I've talked to my kids about this and I have the paperwork done.

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